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When presented with deck inspections performed by various “home inspection” companies we usually encounter a disclaimer and recommendation for further inspection by a professional deck contractor which leaves the prospective buyer or seller vulnerable. ​

We’ve encountered numerous instances where a home inspector (not to be confused with a government building inspector) didn’t understand deck codes sufficiently and overlooked structurally deficient components. Such oversight can result in unforeseen expense for the prospective buyer and can create liability for the seller. On the other side of that coin we’ve encountered inspection reports suggesting deck repairs / upgrades that were not necessary at all which can result in unnecessary expense to the seller and sometimes kill a potential sale.​

We’ve been building, repairing and restoring decks for over 30 years and over the last 10 years we’ve seen a huge increase in home inspection related repairs and upgrades. In consideration of our knowledge of building codes and construction practices pertaining to decks it was a natural progression to include professional deck inspections among the services we offer.

We provide professional, detailed, real estate industry grade deck inspections to ensure safety, code compliance and peace of mind for both the buyer and seller in a real estate sales transaction environment. All deck inspection reports are detailed with pictures where necessary and are accompanied by an official estimate to repair the deck if issues are discovered. Alternatively, the estimate can be used in the negotiating process. An inspection report with accompanying repair estimate is routinely forwarded by e-mail within 48 business hours.

Inspections for deck safety include each deck component with focus on structural integrity and code compliance. The inspection includes piering, posts, beams, framing, ledger connections, fasteners, joists, decking, railing, balusters and stairs.

We service the following counties: St. Louis, Jefferson, St. Francois, Washington

To schedule an inspection, or to inquire about pricing, call our office at 636-337-7733 or fill out the request below.   We appreciate your interest.



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